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2021 Fall Brawl & Walleye Slam

We are happy to announce that we will be fully registered and running trips for the 2021 Fall Brawl and Walleye Slam  October 15 - November 27
The element this time of year can be harsh to say the least but don't let that stop you come and enjoy maximum comfort and style inside the heated cabin of the
Rachel Marie 2.0

We will be running two different types of trips for these events

Trip one will consist of a standard chartered trip where you use our gear and equipment we will run the lines and choose the program to help your group get a chance at a fish of a lifetime with this trip we will charge a 25% commission on any and all winnings from any fish with caught us in either event

Trip two will be more of a rent the boat style trip where your captain just drives the boat to the location of your choice (Within reasonable distance) and you pick the baits choose the program and set the lines bring a box of your favorite custom painted baits and try your hand at targeting a Lake Erie monster
for this trip you keep 100% of the winnings you earned it 


Please read and understand the rules an regulations for the tournament/s you choose to participate in prior to booking
click the links below to for rules an registration information

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