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The Value Of A Professional Charter

Charter or DIY Fishing?

If you talk to the majority of successful entrepreneurs or business owners from just about any walk of life, the claim seems to be the same. The best return on investment they see is always investing in themselves. They use webinars, lectures, and classes to short-track them to success. In the Lake Erie fishing industry you can spend thousands on: gear, rod holders, jets, snap weights, rods, reels, and different types of lines and the list goes on. At some point, the purchases you made on gear that wasn't really relevant to the goal you're trying to achieve may outweigh the cost of a knowledgeable guide. Hiring a charter could save you money and get you catching more fish, faster.

If you are an experienced angler who has fished for walleye all over the country or someone

who has never picked up a fishing rod, but wants to experience our great fishery take a second

and read this. We have people who travel from as far West as California to as far East as Maine

to come fish Lake Erie. Our fishery has truly exploded over the past decade. The walleye

population has been climbing but so has the number of fishermen. If you go on the internet, you will

see that everyone is a professional but do not want to help you learn. Which is the opposite as a

charter captain. Here at Lake Erie Charter Service, we take your experience in fishing into consideration as

long as you have an open mind, and you can learn from us. We can show you different lures or

patterns and help show you ways to present them that have been successful for us. Yes, walleye

are walleye but they all act differently in different bodies of water due to the lakes design,

forage, water temperature, or their seasonal movements. Fish behavior is a major factor on this

lake. No matter how experienced you are as a fisherman, the first time on this lake it can be

intimidating. Investing in hiring a charter, we can show you what to look for on your electronics,

how to navigate the lake safely, where/when you should be in certain areas of the lake, what

structure to target, and the best places to launch a boat in your future outings. The lake is 240

miles long, there is a lot of water to filter through.

Another advantage of hiring a guide is that they can help you save time and money by avoiding

unproductive areas and using the most effective techniques. For example, depending on what

side of the lake you are fishing from, reefs in front of Davis Bessie or trolling in 65 ft. of water by

Cleveland. The equipment being used and how to properly use it differs. The skills we can teach

you in both areas will save you money and important vacation time.

Each angler is different in the way they want to catch the fish, for example, jigging, casting worm harness or trolling. We

can help you with all of them. For the anglers who own their own boat and are interested in

fishing Lake Erie, we always suggest booking a charter on the first day of your trip or each

trip you make. You save a ton of time looking for fish, choosing the correct lures, trolling speeds,

depths etc. It will set the rest of your trip up for success, taking a lot of the guessing out of it. It

will help you be able to focus on having a good time with your friends and family, instead of

being bummed out catching no fish. When you come out and fish with us, we can help you

perfect your craft on your passion no matter which technique you prefer. Trust me, there is no

better feeling than getting my clients on fish and helping them grow as a fisherman.

Finally the last topic I wanted to touch on is my least favorite. When choosing to purchase a

guided charter trip the cost of hiring a guide varies depending on the length of the

trip, the number of people, and the services provided. People who are experienced fishermen or

greenhorns will sometimes cringe at the cost of a charter. Well, let’s talk about costs. When you

own a fishing charter business you need to have: a boat, rods, reels, lures, copious amounts of

line, and terminal tackle. Then you factor in gas, dockage, insurance, etc. The price of fishing

can be terrifying. Now, we are fishing at a high level, and we can show you the

differences between needs and wants. We can show you how to be a successful, budget friendly

walleye fisherman or show you the gear needed to take it to the next level. Like the old saying

says, you get what you pay for. Here at Lake Erie Charter Service, we pride ourselves in making

sure you have the best experience possible. We hope the experience brings you back every

year or helps you in own pursuit of walleye. However, there are some things you can do that will help

save yourself some money. You can get a large group together and all help split the cost or go on a

shorter trip.

In summary, whether or not to hire a charter for your fishing vacation to Lake Erie depends on

your experience level, knowledge of the area, and budget. If you are new to fishing or the area,

or if you want to improve your chances of catching fish and learning new skills, hiring a charter can

be a great investment.

Captain Dylan Nostrant

Lake Erie Charter Service LLC

(330) 309-5734

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