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Setting Up For Success, With In-Line Planer Boards

To start most people overcomplicate the process. The most important method in fishing is the KISS method. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!!! Perfecting the basics are what make for the best fishermen.

I run my boards exactly how they come in the package, minus swapping the rear clip out. The red rear clip I remove and those get used for snap weights. I install offshore

OR-18 snapper clips on the rear. I choose not to run tattle flags because I can read the boards. I also don't like the way the boards run with the tattle flags.

The "pop method" for popping

the line out of the front clip. I use monofilament for this set-up (12 lbs). Popping the line out of the front clip allows you to fight only a fish and pull lines out of the middle of the spread without reeling other lines in. To start

you make a loop then twist it 5-7 times. You will then install the twisted part of the line into the clip. This needs to be nice and clean, sloppy loops

will cause problems. You want the loop part to be just big enough you can get your finger

out when it's in the clip. Then install the line in the rear snapper clip. Make sure to snap it forward so that the pin goes into the hole.