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"The switch"

Hey everybody, Captain Jeff here, wanting to talk about the proverbial “switch” that can either turn the fish on or off during a typical day of fishing on Lake Erie. You thought I was going to tell you why fish act the way they do, but I can’t tell you that. It's a mystery! I can only tell you that the “switch” is real. I don’t know who flips the switch or why they flip the switch, but rest assured, the fish are all aware of “the switch.”

As a charter boat captain, it is always my goal to meet or exceed my crew’s expectations and goals for their day on the water. Often the best fishing of the day is in the early morning and late evening, that’s why most fishermen and charter boats like to get out on the lake early. If you are hiring a charter boat, then you need to make it clear to your captain what is more important to your group. Is it more important for you to come home with your limit of fish or is it more important to come home with the biggest fish of the day?

All of the rods are set and you're on the fish. You keep the first few limits and it looks like you're going to be back at the dock early. Then you say to the captain, “let's throw that back, too small”. Your captain hesitates, but throws it back as requested. The next fish comes aboard and you say, “too small”. Your captain says, you know about the “switch” don’t you? Remember the switch can happen anytime.

It has been a great morning of fishing. You can’t imagine this bite drying up and are confident your captain will keep the fish coming. Then the switch is flipped and the day turns into a grind. One fish here, another fish there, but nothing like the morning and you go home short of your limit. It happens! Ever hear of the other saying, “a bird in hand is better than two in the bush”. Anyway, your captain will feel better about the trip if he or she knows your goal. Do you want to fill the freezer or do you want to catch the biggest fish you can that day?

Captains want to meet your goals of a limit of fish or a big fish day.

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